Non Stick BBQ Liners

Non Stick BBQ Liner

BBQ Liner
38 x 50cm (15″ x 19 3/4″)
Available in black and brown

BBQ Liners – Ideal for marinating meats, fish or any other sticky foods.

No need for Oil or Fat
This Non Stick Re-usable bbq mat is perfect for cooking all foods.
It is ideal for fish and stops chicken, steaks, sausages from sticking to the BBQ plate. Everything crisps and browns without sticking.

Barbecuing at the beach or public BBQs?

Take your Non Stick BBQ liner with you, no more “Yukky” dirty plates.

It is the most economical and cleanest alternative available wherever a non stick cooking surface is required.

The BBQ liner is totally Non Toxic
Odourless and will not absorb any flavour
Always a clean surface to cook on

Simply place the BBQ liner on your barbecue when you start cooking and remove when finished.

After use remove residue with paper towels and a damp cloth if necessary.

It can be used again and again.

This product has the E.E.C. Health Stamp of approval.
It has been used in Europe since 1986.

38 x 50cm (15" x 19 3/4")
Available in black


Price: $16.00

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38 x 50cm (15" x 19 3/4")
Available in brown


Price: $16.00

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