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Non Stick BBQ Baking Cooking Liners – how it all began

In 1994 whilst I was overseas I came‚Ä® across an amazing culinary aid.

Re-usable Non Stick no burn baking sheet as it was called in Europe.

Being a keen cook, I brought it home, tried it and was so impressed, we began importing the product.

The sheet takes the place of baking paper or aluminium foil, whilst cooking in the oven, grill, microwave or on the BBQ.

Oil, fat or sprays are totally unnecessary.

This allows for healthy and fat free baking and cooking, without that awful job of cleaning the oven, trays, BBQ plate etc afterwards.

The most remarkable part is that the liner can be used for years and is absolutely odourless and tasteless.

A bush BBQ becomes a whole lot easier – take a sheet along and cook on a clean surface rather than the dirty plate.

With any new product on the market it has taken us some years to convince people of it’s magic. Now it is widely used in Canteens, Restaurants, Bakeries and Home Kitchens.

Sometimes small and inexpensive products can make a huge difference when it comes to health and time.

So, here we are 16 years later, lasting the test of time and expanding our range constantly.

Never used these liners before?? Try them, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Stay happy, Annelies