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How to BBQ Fish perfectly every time

Fish can be a little tricky at times and more often than not, you end up with it broken up.

To keep your fish in one piece, cook it at the edge of your plate.
When it needs to be turned, grip the liner underneath with a pair of tongs.
Lift it up so that the fish rolls over gently.

That way there is no need to touch it.
Use a large plastic or wooden slice to remove the fish onto a plate.

Good luck, Annelies

Keeping Your Oven Clean with a Non Stick Liner

Use a non-stick Oven Tray Liner on a tray and slide in at the bottom of your oven. It will catch the drips and spills of casserole, souffles and the like. (Do not put it on the oven floor by itself. Your instruction book will tell you not to and it is wise to follow that advise).

This saves hard scrubbing later, just clean the non-stick liner with warm soapy water.

I have a wall oven with a separate grill underneath. A fitted piece is permanently on there. I don’t see the need for it but should you be worried about the fat not draining, the simple solution is to punch in tiny pin pricks which will not adversely affect the use of the liner.

While talking about non stick liners and ovens, you can cover baking tins or oven trays with a liner to stop your food browning when it is brown but not quite done.