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Our large range of liners make it a very good Fund Raiser.
The many choices, low prices and generous margins account for the popularity.
Schools, clubs etc. raise funds this way year after year.

We offer a complete little package and free samples.
It is as simple as copying a few pages, attaching the sample and handing them out.

Delivery is usually within a few days.
No heavy boxes or storage needed.

You will find this simple with no fuss.
Not only is this a welcome change, the liners are practical and lasting.

Going to friends for lunch or dinner?
Ever thought of taking a BBQ liner or a CD case with Muffin tin liners,
instead of an expansive bottle of wine?

Have a think about it, it’s always nice to come up with something new.

Click on Fund Raising to get you started.

Be Different, Annelies