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Useful tips for your Non Stick liner

I received a call from a distressed lady that she had burnt holes in her liner.
“It does take 260 degrees heat doesn’t it? Then why the holes”
“Where did you use it”
“I was making jam and I lined the little drip tray of my gas stove so it could catch the drips from the pot should it over flow”

I explained that an open flame increases the heat very quickly and it would not take long to reach that cut off temperature.
This also goes for putting your liner on an open grill. They are designed for your “Plate” only.

Should you forget to turn off the BBQ or oven grill, the same thing will happen but you will probably smell the cooking juices after a while and realize what was happening. Don’t worry about burning the house down, it will only scorch the liner.

Avoid sharp utensils as too many scratches will result in it starting to stick.

Many people have had to buy a new liner as their helpful guests, cleaning up, have thrown it out by mistake, never having seen one.


Till next time, Annelies

How to Stop Pastry Sticking To the Board

Rolling out pastry on a non-stick liner makes the job a breeze.

The one thing you do have to do is tape the sheet down on the corners.

You will find it works like a treat.

The pastry is easily cleaned off with a hot soapy cloth.

Allergies? Non Stick Liners and Toaster bags come to the rescue

Selling our Liners at markets fairs, shows etc., gives us the chance to talk to people.

We are always amazed how many people suffer from allergies and can’t eat the same food as everyone else or even use the same cooking facilities. Then there are those who choose to be Vegetarian or Vegan.

The Non Stick Liners are a great little product for people who have to be careful when it comes to food.

No longer do you have to miss out on a BBQ. Take a separate piece just for you, we sell them in many seizes.

Are you missing out on toast because everyone uses bread that you can’t have? forget about buying another toaster just for you.

Toaster bags are your answer. You can use these not only at home but they come in handy for a toasted sandwich at work.

Prepare at home and have a delicious cheese or other toasted sandwich for lunch. Most work places now have toasters.

Happy Easter Annelies

More ways to use non-stick liners – glues, paints. dehydrators, etc.

There are a few more uses for the Non Stick Liner I’d like to mention.

We all know that even with the best intentions, using glue can end up sticky and messy.  Place a liner underneath and don’t worry about spilling some. The glue can be removed from the sheet by rubbing your finger over it. It will all come off.

We often sell small Liners that people use for mixing paint.  Not quite the right colour? No problem, wipe over with a damp sponge and start again.  I am talking of-course about mixing paint at Art classes or at home.

At most Markets and Craft Fairs you will find one or more stalls, selling soap, home made.  Nothing sticks to the Liners, making them ideal for this work.

Use a small piece for difficult to iron things like applique, quilting or suede. It works really well.

Need a replacement strip for your heat sealer? Next time purchase a small inexpensive liner.

For people who use Dehydrators, you might like to think of buying one of our  small Liners, rather than the expensive replacements. It will work just as well.

I’ve been posting some recipes recently, and hope I have given you plenty of food for thought.

Use a non-stick liner in your Microwave

My chocolate sauce that had gone hard in the fridge needed a melt down so I put it in the microwave. Unfortunately I set it for more than it needed and half the bottle spilt over the top, what a mess!!

No need for too much concern as I had a Non Stick Liner at the bottom. In the sink with hot water, a little detergent a sponge and a few minutes later all the evidence of the disaster was gone.

We sell small and large squares to take the hassle out of times like this.

BBQ liner a treasured companion at Picnic Spots

Traveling by bike, car, caravan or motor home the chances are that you will stop somewhere for a BBQ.

BBQ’s are provided at most Picnic spots, in the Bush or at Caravan Parks. However, we are all familiar with the grubby state we sometimes find them. Often these BBQ’s look clean but I dread to think what they are cleaned with, don’t you?

That is why your little rolled up liner is he best thing you brought along.

Just remove leaves and loose stuff, turn on the gas  and when ready to cook place the sheet on the plate and start cooking. No extra space needed for oil or spay cans as nothing sticks to this magic Liner.

Should you have brought paper towels you can wipe the sheet clean there and then (while it is still hot) otherwise put it in a plastic bag and take it home.  A little hot soapy water and a sponge will do the trick.

You will have a delightful BBQ in the outdoors enjoying every minute of it without cleaning and scrubbing that plate before and after using it.

Say goodbye to the BBQ nightmare

I hear you say: “What nightmare, I love my BBQ”. Of course, we all do.

Inviting friends, getting excited about the menu and even the weather is on your side for a change.
You have done the shopping and are ready to cut up and trim the meat when suddenly you remember that lovely marinade recipe a friend gave you the other day. What a good chance to surprise your friends with that special touch that makes the meat just so much more tender and delicious.

What started out as a super idea turned into an absolute nightmare.

The marinade was a sticky horrible mess that burned onto the plate and the meat with it.  You made the best of the situation and tried to hide your incredible disappointment.  You apologized to your guests profusely and of course they understood.

If this wasn’t enough to cope with, the cleaning of the plate was almost worse. After a long time scrubbing and some hefty elbow grease, the plate is clean but you decide that you will never ever have marinaded meat again no matter how delicious.

Or will you?  If this story sounds familiar, don’t worry as the magic Non Stick Re-usable BBQ Liner is the answer to your problems.

This remarkable Sheet does not need oil or grease, nothing will stick to it. Everything crisps and browns. The cleaning afterwards is a breeze with some paper towels whist still hot.

Your dream come true?  You bet! Even the most sceptical of the male population will admit to this after using it.

For as little as the cost of  3 to 4 cups of coffee, this small investment will be the best thing when having a BBQ . Not only that, it lasts and lasts.