Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cut the liner? You can and should trim the edges to fit the plate.
Is there a right or wrong side? No. The liner performs equally well on both sides.
Can I cut on it. No, only to cut to size.
When do I put it on the plate? When the plate has reached the right temperature. Remove when finished and clean straight after.
Will it stay flat? Yes.
Can I use it over the open grill? The naked flame will increase the heat too quickly to the maximum of 260C. It is designed to keep your plate clean.
My BBQ has a draining hole in the centre? Cut a small hole over it with nail scissors.
How do I clean it? Whilst still hot, hold the sheet with tongs and mop up the juices and the fat with paper towels. Remove and if necessary wipe over with a hot soapy sponge.
May I put it in the dishwasher? We do not advise it as you want to avoid creasing it.
How do I store it? In a cylinder, a PCV pipe on a base or leave it ‘clean’ on a covered BBQ.
How long does it last? For years when observing the guidelines.