More ways to use non-stick liners – glues, paints. dehydrators, etc.

There are a few more uses for the Non Stick Liner I’d like to mention.

We all know that even with the best intentions, using glue can end up sticky and messy.  Place a liner underneath and don’t worry about spilling some. The glue can be removed from the sheet by rubbing your finger over it. It will all come off.

We often sell small Liners that people use for mixing paint.  Not quite the right colour? No problem, wipe over with a damp sponge and start again.  I am talking of-course about mixing paint at Art classes or at home.

At most Markets and Craft Fairs you will find one or more stalls, selling soap, home made.  Nothing sticks to the Liners, making them ideal for this work.

Use a small piece for difficult to iron things like applique, quilting or suede. It works really well.

Need a replacement strip for your heat sealer? Next time purchase a small inexpensive liner.

For people who use Dehydrators, you might like to think of buying one of our  small Liners, rather than the expensive replacements. It will work just as well.

I’ve been posting some recipes recently, and hope I have given you plenty of food for thought.