1 Tablesp. granulated yeast (2 ½ sachets)
2 tablesp. Sugar (I put in one)
½ cup warm water
¾ cup milk room temp. (I add a little more)
60 gr. Butter
2 ½ cups plain flour (I put in 3 cups wholemeal)
½ cup walnuts
1 teasp salt
½ cup bran or anything similar

Combine water, yeast and sugar and leave till yeast foams
Add milk melted butter, bran, flour salt and nuts
Mix well with a wooden spoon.
Put into non stick cups of petite loaf tin (8), brush the top with oil and sprinkle with poppy seed or cracked wheat.
Cover with damp warm cloth and let it rise till double in seize about 45 mins.
Bake in 180C for 30 to 40 mins.
They should sound hollow when tapped on the back
Cool in tin for 30 mins

Great with soup and a nice change from the usual rolls

Of course you can also use a lined loaf tin
or you could make them in a medium muffin tin
Use the large muffin tin and slice them
Just a thought, give it a try

It is fun to try different things, keeps baking interesting.

Good luck, Annelies