Allergies? Non Stick Liners and Toaster bags come to the rescue

Selling our Liners at markets fairs, shows etc., gives us the chance to talk to people.

We are always amazed how many people suffer from allergies and can’t eat the same food as everyone else or even use the same cooking facilities. Then there are those who choose to be Vegetarian or Vegan.

The Non Stick Liners are a great little product for people who have to be careful when it comes to food.

No longer do you have to miss out on a BBQ. Take a separate piece just for you, we sell them in many seizes.

Are you missing out on toast because everyone uses bread that you can’t have? forget about buying another toaster just for you.

Toaster bags are your answer. You can use these not only at home but they come in handy for a toasted sandwich at work.

Prepare at home and have a delicious cheese or other toasted sandwich for lunch. Most work places now have toasters.

Happy Easter Annelies