Product Information


No more scrubbing trays, racks, bbq plates or any other surface when using this remarkable liner.

After use, while still hot, wipe off with a paper towel or damp cloth, rinse with hot soapy water if needed.

It can then be used again and again.

A must for marinades, fish or anything else on the BBQ

Temperature range is from -200C to + 260C


Pastries (savoury or sweet), biscuits & meringues

Everything is a success without sticking

Ideal for oven trays grill microwave fry pan, sandwich-toaster baking tins and pie-warmers


Chicken, steak, sausages, chops & hamburgers
A breeze under the grill or in the oven – they do not stick

This is the most economical and cleanest alternative available wherever a non-stick surface is required.

Once cut to your tray size, baking tins, etc, there is no more need for buying endless rolls of alfoil, gladbake or cans of spray or oil.

It is totally non-toxic
Odourless and will not absorb any flavour

Various other uses:

Hassle free…
Baking – cooking – bbqing
rolling out pastry

Allergies at BBQ’s?
Use your own separate liner

Aplique – suede – quilting

Great for mixing paint…
At art classes or at home

For making soap
For working with glues
Excellent for heat sealers
Lining Dehydrators

The sheet not only saves you time it saves you money

This product has the E.E.C. health stamp of approval
Used in Europe since 1986 and now widely used in WA

The non stick liner is environmentally friendly

Nothing to be discarded after use

With proper care and observing the temperature tolerances you will get years of enjoyment from a single sheet

The liners have proven very popular for fund raising

Innovative practical and inexpensive
Camping or caravan trips, be sure to have one with you