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Say goodbye to the BBQ nightmare

I hear you say: “What nightmare, I love my BBQ”. Of course, we all do.

Inviting friends, getting excited about the menu and even the weather is on your side for a change.
You have done the shopping and are ready to cut up and trim the meat when suddenly you remember that lovely marinade recipe a friend gave you the other day. What a good chance to surprise your friends with that special touch that makes the meat just so much more tender and delicious.

What started out as a super idea turned into an absolute nightmare.

The marinade was a sticky horrible mess that burned onto the plate and the meat with it.  You made the best of the situation and tried to hide your incredible disappointment.  You apologized to your guests profusely and of course they understood.

If this wasn’t enough to cope with, the cleaning of the plate was almost worse. After a long time scrubbing and some hefty elbow grease, the plate is clean but you decide that you will never ever have marinaded meat again no matter how delicious.

Or will you?  If this story sounds familiar, don’t worry as the magic Non Stick Re-usable BBQ Liner is the answer to your problems.

This remarkable Sheet does not need oil or grease, nothing will stick to it. Everything crisps and browns. The cleaning afterwards is a breeze with some paper towels whist still hot.

Your dream come true?  You bet! Even the most sceptical of the male population will admit to this after using it.

For as little as the cost of  3 to 4 cups of coffee, this small investment will be the best thing when having a BBQ . Not only that, it lasts and lasts.